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The vHealth doctor was able to provide a convincing answer and treatment when my physical consultations failed.

Shared by: K. Rajashekhar | Chennai | Classic Consultation Membership

My friend has been taking the support of vHealth by Aetna for all her medical treatments from a really long time now, and she recommended me to do the same when I discussed my medical concerns with her. She made me aware of all the benefits of teleconsultation and assured me that all the doctors were experts in their respective domains.

So I finally decided to reach out to vHealth for discussion of my diagnostic reports. The vHealth doctor went through my medical history and understood that I have Dyslipidemia with low Vitamin D, history of a backache, poor urinary flow and my previous ultrasound also revealed a fatty liver problem.

The doctor immediately put me on medication and advised me to take calcium/vitamin supplements along with an emphasis on diet and exercise. I was also advised further tests like X-Ray, MRI spine, Ultrasound and Uroflowmetry.

With my test reports, I consulted an Orthopedician and Urologist but could not get a convincing answer from them. Later, I fixed my follow-up appointment with vHealth. The doctor at vHealth patiently explained to me that I have a low capacity bladder and Lumbar spine problem. I was also prescribed the necessary medicines. The fact that the vHealth doctor dealt with my case with utmost concern and care made me have faith in vHealth for my complete healthcare needs.

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