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Adequate treatment, utmost care and regular follow-ups are helping me manage my Osteoarthritis.

Shared by: Shivaji Bhagwe | Mumbai | vHealth membership

I was suffering from an acute back pain for a couple of weeks which restricted my mobility. Once I received a message from vHealth about consultation for lower back pain, I immediately booked an appointment for teleconsultation. The doctor minutely went through my medical records and asked me a number of health-related questions.

During the session, I also expressed to the doctor that I had been suffering from a poor urinary flow, something that I didn’t acknowledge as a health problem. The doctor started symptomatic treatment and advised me to get an MRI spine and Ultrasound KUB done. The reports confirmed that I had Osteoarthritis of the spine and an enlarged prostate. The vHealth doctor patiently made me understand the nature of the problem with detailed discussion of required lifestyle changes and medication.

vHealth has really supported and assisted me through my medical problem. The doctor not just provided me with proper medication that suits my body, but also counseled me through regular follow-up teleconsultations.

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