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vHealth helped me treat my Dyslipidemia and pre-diabetes problem at an early stage.

Shared by: Binod Prasad Pal | Kolkata | vHealth membership

I had been suffering from a headache and heaviness around my eyes for the past one month which interfered with my routine. So, I finally decided to take the support of vHealth. A doctor at vHealth went through my entire past medical records and asked a number of questions about my health.

After digging out my detailed medical history, the doctor advised me to regularly monitor my blood pressure levels. I was surprised to see that the doctor’s suspicion was accurate as I continued to note elevated blood pressure levels, every time I checked.

In the following teleconsultation, I reported the same to the vHealth doctor and was advised to get all baseline tests done. The diagnostic reports indicated that I had Dyslipidemia and indications of pre-diabetes. I was immediately prescribed medicines for hypertension and Dyslipidemia. Two weeks later, I felt a positive difference in my health. I am grateful to vHealth for providing a timely medical intervention and proper medical advice to me.

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