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vHealth helped me diagnose and treat my sinus problem with appropriate guidance at every stage of my treatment.

Shared by: Swati | New Delhi | vHealth membership

I was suffering from chronic cold and running nose for which I was on a prolonged treatment given by the doctor in my neighborhood clinic. When didn’t recover completely, I decided to consult the vHealth doctor for a permanent solution. The vHealth doctor took my detailed history and suggested some tests. The test reports showed an allergic predisposition. The doctor gave me general instructions and prescribed symptomatic treatment.

After a few days, a vHealth doctor followed up with me to check on my recovery. Since my symptoms hadn’t resolved completely, the vHealth doctor suggested I consult an ENT surgeon for a thorough physical examination and also get a CT scan of paranasal sinuses. This revealed a fungal sinusitis and an ENT surgeon advised an endoscopic sinus surgery. I underwent the surgery after confirming the decision with my vHealth doctor. I am thankful to the vHealth doctor for identifying the root cause of the problem and providing support and guidance at every stage of my treatment. Yes, having a doctor by your side during complex treatment gives great peace of mind. I am finally symptom-free and living a normal life.

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