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vHealth helped my father diagnose his kidney problem at an early stage.

Shared by: Palak Mehrotra | Chandigarh | vHealth membership

I recently arranged a teleconsultation for my father with vHealth by Aetna. The consult was regarding the comprehensive health check-up which he had recently undergone. During the teleconsultation, we made the doctors aware that my father has a history of Hypertension and Epilepsy, and is on medication for the same.

During the conversation with the vHealth doctor, my father also revealed that recently he had been suffering from shortness of breath, body weakness, prolonged tiredness and decrease in appetite. Analyzing his symptoms, the doctor asked him whether there was any swelling in his feet. My father was shocked to hear that because the doctor was right. After looking at the reports, the doctor explained to us the potential medical complications and advised us to consult a nephrologist immediately.

With the help of vHealth, we got an appointment to see a nephrologist who later diagnosed my father with an acute kidney injury. The doctor also remarked that if we had not acted early, my father would have required a dialysis later on.

This would not have been possible if I had not received an early referral. I am grateful to have vHealth as my first point of contact for managing my family’s health. The service really helps me & my family to stay healthy.

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