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vHealth doctors provided necessary guidance throughout my treatment for the heart problem.

Shared by: R. Srivatsan | Lucknow | vHealth membership

I had reached out to vHealth, for the purpose of discussion of my diagnostic test reports. The vHealth doctor dug out my detailed medical history which revealed a dull chest heaviness that I had been ignoring for a few days. My reports also suggested uncontrolled diabetes with unbalanced lipid profile.

The vHealth doctor prescribed a few medicines and recommended a review with a Cardiologist. The cardiologist advised TMT and ECG. The TMT was reported as “doubtful positive”. The cardiologist suggested an angiography to assess the status of my coronaries further.

Since previously I had felt a sense of comfort while approaching vHealth for a consultation, I again followed up with the doctor for a discussion on my reports that revealed a “doubtful TMT”. As I had anticipated, the doctor very calmly addressed all my fears and concerns, and also counseled me. Just like the specialist, the vHealth doctor also suggested an angiography, since I was a patient of diabetes and had high cholesterol.
In my next teleconsultation session with the doctor, I revealed to her that I had undergone angiography, which revealed a double vessel disease. The doctor advised additional medication and also discussed the need for stenting. The doctor also had a detailed discussion with me regarding the pros and cons of the stenting procedure, which could cure my disease.

The kind of support and guidance I received from the vHealth doctor, both in terms of medication, as well as mental and emotional counseling, has finally prepared me to undergo a stenting procedure. I am happy with the way vHealth doctor handled my case from the beginning until I recovered properly.

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