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Shared by: Seema Agarwal | Jaipur | vHealth membership

I was suffering from some health-related problems such as irregular periods and was being treated with different kinds of medicines by my doctors in the vicinity. Additionally, I was also taking some herbal medicines prescribed by a general physician who was treating me for jaundice.

My health problems persisted despite taking many medicines. As a result, I decided to take proper consultation from vHealth doctors over the phone. The vHealth doctor discussed my medical history and suggested that I take some tests.

I got these tests done with the help of the vHealth center and had a follow-up consultation; the vHealth doctor advised me to stop all the current medication and prescribed me some medicines basis the results obtained in the diagnostic reports.

My body responded very well to this medication and I frequently followed-up with the doctor for any concern. Now I completely rely on vHealth for resolving all my medical problems.

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