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vHealth resolved all my lactation related challenges with utmost attention and priority.

Shared by: Vasudha B. Chakrapani | Coimbatore | vHealth membership

I approached a doctor in OPD as I was having some trouble managing mine and my two-month-old child’s health during the lactation period. However, the doctor couldn’t give me adequate time, nor could he address my queries regarding lactation and management of the feeding needs of my child.

I felt very dissatisfied, and decided to utilize my vHealth membership and reached out to the doctor over the phone for guidance. The vHealth doctor asked for my detailed medical history and pointed out the fact that I was anemic and this was causing a hindrance to both me and my child’s health.

The doctor also noted that my diet was deficient in essential nutrients like iron and took me through a detailed counseling session. Additionally, my whole family was also notified and was made aware of the importance of proper nutrition for a mother. The doctor also highlighted useful child care techniques.

In subsequent days, my health improved significantly, and I saw a visible difference in my child’s health as well. I am very thankful to vHealth for valuing my concerns and providing me with detailed feedback and answers to all my queries.

Now I make it a point to consult vHealth whenever I face any health related problem. My husband and I are especially grateful to have vHealth by our side, as I was able to get quality time from the doctor who very clearly understood my medical history before suggesting treatment. My family and I are thankful to vHealth for the guidance provided in such an important stage of my family life.

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