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I am happy to have a doctor who has detailed knowledge about my health and medical history. vHealth provide great peace of mind.

Shared by: Ritu Pandey | Patna | vHealth membership

I was suffering from an acute backache but was unable to take out time for a physical consultation and check-up. It was then, that I decided to take the support of vHealth’s teleconsultation services. To my surprise, the doctor reviewed my entire medical history very patiently and suggested treatment which provided me great relief from my back pain.

I was extremely impressed with the level of knowledge the vHealth doctor had about my medical condition, and the quality of treatment provided to me. But more than that, the ease with which I could reach out to the vHealth doctor, without being concerned about which city or country I was in, or having to take out time for a physical consult, really made me realize the worth of this service. Now, I have also arranged for an MRI at an vHealth empaneled center, as advised by the vHealth doctor.

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