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The vHealth doctor helped me overcome a stressful period in my life with utmost care and effective treatment.

Shared by: Shruti Anand | Patna | vHealth membership

I reached out to vHealth by Aetna, for discussion of my diagnostic reports. During the teleconsultation session, the vHealth doctor closely examined all my medical records and asked me a number of questions. I made her aware that I was undergoing a stressful period in my life and was taking different anti-psychotics off and on for it.

The vHealth doctor took me through a detailed counseling session and I was asked to make a chart of my Blood Pressure recordings on a daily basis. These reading were high and I shared them with the doctor on the scheduled follow-up consultation.

Medication for High BP was initiated and regular follow-up sessions were scheduled. In due course of time, I was relieved of my symptoms 02 of anxiety and headaches. Further, the doctor also conducted a repeat counseling sessions for my stress.

Now, I am only taking anti-hypertensive and have stopped the antipsychotic medicines. I am so fortunate to have vHealth by my side because the doctors here made an effort to understand the root cause of the problem and provided a solution for the same. Such care and concern makes me have immense faith in vHealth’s services.

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