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The vHealth doctor helped me manage my diabetes efficiently by suggesting a modification in my lifestyle and medicines

Shared by: Sudesh Tripathy | Gurugram | vHealth membership

I was suffering from sleeplessness and tiredness for more than a month, because of which I was not even able to attend to my child or any of the household chores. So I consulted a physician nearby by home, who informed me that it could be due to anxiety and prescribed Tablet Alprazolam, which I took for 15 days, as recommended.

While I felt better temporarily, every time I stopped taking the tablet, the symptoms would re-appear. When I re-visited the doctor to convey my concerns, my blood pressure was recorded high and he prescribed an antihypertensive medicine. However, my problem remained the same.

Feeling dissatisfed from the prescription given by this doctor, I decided to get another consultation. The second physician also suggested that I take Alprazolam and further increased the number of antihypertensive medicines.

After two futile consultations, when I continued to have the same symptoms, I decided to take the support of vHealth services through Indian Health Organisation. The vHealth doctor asked me several questions regarding my symptoms, dosage and even the time when I used to take the medicines.

After a detailed medical history, the doctor advised me to stop Alprazolam tablet and also reduced the dosage of medicine that I was taking for Hypertension. Further, I was also asked to measure my blood pressure at home, at specifc times and to record it meticulously. The vHealth doctor very patiently and diligently explained to me about the importance of taking medicines at regular intervals, educated me on all the symptoms and conditions in which I must contact them immediately.

It was only in a matter of few days post this consultation, that I felt an improvement in all the symptoms. Later during one of my follow-ups when I asked the doctor about what happened earlier, she patiently said that I was just suffering from Hypertension and was taking high dosage for BP which caused sleeplessness and tiredness. Hence, the doctor just stopped all my medication and prescribed a single drug for BP with which I felt alright.

This incident has truly made me realise that vHealth doctors are very well-equipped and trained to find the right cause for medical problems. Next time, my immediate step would be to consult a vHealth doctor in case of any medical situation.

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