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vHealth worked magic on my entire family by motivating my mother to undergo further treatment for her psychiatrist problem.

Shared by: Mr. Sumit K Kumar | Bangalore | vHealth membership

My mother has been suffering from depression for the last fifteen years, and recently, she started refusing to go for any follow-up sessions with the psychiatrist. My family and I also observed visible changes in her behavior, like she stopped taking an interest in daily household activities, there was swelling in her legs, and she became breathless even while walking on level surfaces.

I felt worried and was needing some guidance, so I reached out to vHealth. During the teleconsultation, the vHealth doctor reviewed my mother’s medical reports and started probing about her medical history in detail. After having a complete understanding of her health and taking a detailed history of the family structure and the recent changes, the doctor counseled both my mother and me. Gradually, my mother opened up to the doctor, and we came to know that the cause of her anxiety was due to her hospitalisation long time back. She was very upset and scared to be admitted again in the psychiatric ward.

Once we had identified the issue, the doctor and I counseled and re-assured her that she will not be admitted to the hospital again. My mother felt relieved and also agreed to be part of the follow-up session. The vHealth doctor suggested that we also get ECHO and ECG done for my mother and simultaneously, helped me in identifying several ways in which I could keep her more involved in the family matters.

A few days later, we started seeing a visible difference in my mother’s behavior and attitude. She was ready to consult both the psychiatrist, as well as the cardiologist. A few changes were detected in the ECHO, basis which she was started on medications.

Now, my mother keeps herself involved in household activities, and my family members can vouch that she looks healthier and happier. vHealth has made such a big and positive impact on not just my mother, but also my entire family. It is truly a support system to take care of my loved ones.

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