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Found vHealth who could assist me with any health problem. From understanding my medical reports to assisting me with a surgery.

Shared by: Susane Chacko | Place | vHealth membership

I underwent my regular health check-up and approached the vHealth doctor for a consultation. Since it was a routine consultation on my test reports I just thought of avoiding the unnecessary time spent on physical consultation. During my teleconsultation with the vHealth doctor, I was pleasantly surprised that the doctor didn’t hurry through the consultation and discussed the findings in great detail.

After a detailed medical history, the doctor understood that I am taking thyroxine medicine for weight loss and also have some abdominal discomfort for last few weeks. She immediately advised me to stop thyroxine, since I was not suffering from hypothyroidism. She indicated that unnecessary intake of medicines can be harmful to health. She also advised me to get an ultrasound test with a suspicion that the abnormalities found in my liver function test (LFT) could be due to liver/gallbladder stone disease. Apparently, my ultrasound report confirmed fatty liver with gall bladder stones and I was immediately referred to a surgeon for laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

As a person who does not even prefer taking an injection, undergoing a surgery was a shock of my life. But the vHealth doctor helped be understand the procedure through a detailed discussion and convinced me for the surgery by allaying my anxiety. I am grateful to the vHealth doctors for their timely intervention, advice on treatment and support provided throughout my treatment. For the first time in my life, I have experienced a doctor spending ample time with patients and treating them like a person in their family. Now, I only call vHealth for any health related issue for myself and my family members.

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