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vHealth alerted my mother on her cardiac risks and provided timely treatment

Shared by: Aradhna Sharma | Place | vHealth membership

Recently I had undergone a consultation with the vHealth doctor for my mother’s medical reports. I thought I would be able to significantly save time and avoid the trouble of commuting to a hospital for physical consultation. While my mother was initially skeptical of how can a doctor treat without physically checking, I had to convince her by saying that we can go to a hospital if she is not happy with the consultation on the phone. During the teleconsultation, the vHealth doctor pointed out that her lipid profile was unbalanced and also highlighted the elevated cholesterol and cardiac risk in her diagnostic reports.

The doctor gave us a detailed explanation regarding the abnormalities in the reports and suggested certain lifestyle and dietary modifications. The doctor categorically advised us to monitor her blood pressure level in the coming week and come back for another review.

As we started recording my mother’s blood pressure levels, we were stunned to see that the readings were very high, which otherwise we had no idea of. I contacted the vHealth doctor on the third day itself, after the consultation to seek help. The doctor informed us that her cardiac risk score was also very high and medications were started for Hypertension and elevated Cholesterol. Regular monitoring of the blood pressure was also advised until next follow-up.

Due to proper medication, diet modifications and exercise, as suggested by the doctor, my mother’s blood pressure came under control within a few days. She was also relieved of a dull heaviness in her head, which otherwise she was not consciously aware of.

My mother is now very happy and has developed a deep confidence in vHealth doctors, and the way they manage health related issues over the phone. The regular follow-ups and detailed discussions on her health issues, have definitely elevated her and has reaffirmed my trust in vHealth.

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