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Shared by: Ceba Joseph | Place | vHealth membership

I had been suffering from lower abdomen pain for almost a month when I consulted vHealth. Doctors at vHealth patiently spent 15-20 minutes in understanding my medical history and asked me several questions about my health.

When asked some specific questions about my different bodily functions, I finally expressed to the doctor that I had also been having problems like vaginal discharge, urinary issues, and low- grade fever for the past couple of days. However, had the doctor not taken me through this detailed questioning session, I’d have probably not paid any heed to it.

The doctor made a probable diagnosis basis my consultation, and I was immediately prescribed to take few medicines for symptomatic relief. The doctor advised me to get urine routine and culture tests done to verify the diagnosis. Additionally, I was given a general advice on diet and lifestyle.

When I got the tests done, my diagnostic reports confirmed UTI and the culture report revealed E. coli. I was given antibiotics and was asked to follow-up after 3 days and 14 days, respectively. Over the next few days, I started recovering.

If not treated by the doctor at vHealth, I’d have still been suffering from my health problems. The doctor not only helped me in recovering from my lower abdomen pain, but also through proper and accurate diagnosis, resolved health issues that I was not even paying attention to before.

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