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Last year I saved up to 20,000 on health expenses. I truly believe vHealth is the right partner in managing family’s health efficiently.

Shared by: Hitesh Mehta | Delhi | vHealth membership

I think when vHealth says “living healthy, smartly” they mean every word of it. Yes, I am really impressed that last year through vHealth I saved up to Rs. 20,000 but honestly I am more impressed with the level of dedication and commitment I received from the customer service team. The quality of doctors empaneled, dieticians and specialists are excellent. vHealth’s wide range of network gave me 50% discount on consultation expenses at various clinics. In fact for the first time in my life, I was amazed to see the level of discussion and understanding I got from the doctor through tele consultation. vHealth really helps me to cover all aspects of my family’s health needs.

I went for a health check-up and realized that they are actually expensive packages. Felt proud being an vHealth Member, as we got it for absolutely free! Immediately, I bought the additional packages and discount cards covering all 8 members of my family. vHealth’s Free Diet consultation benefit is also path breaking. Talking to quality dieticians, we got our diet plan based on our own eating habits. I think it’s highly critical, as we all tend to ignore the relevance of diet in healthy living.

Finally, a few months back when I renewed my plan, I candidly asked the executive to renew my membership for lifetime.

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