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Good health is the basic for human life and with vHealth, I avail the best of medical care at competitive prices.

Shared by: Sunil Sharma | Mumbai | vHealth membership

I live in Mumbai and with the kind of busy lifestyle we have, we often tend to ignore our health until something disastrous strikes our wellness at its Achilles heels. But, after enrolling for vHealth membership, things have changed for us massively. With the kind of medical attention we have received from some of the best hospitals in the city, our outlook on availing medical consultations has got a complete makeover. At that, the discounts offered by vHealth have made it easier for us to avail the best of treatments without digging a hole in our pockets.

I took an appointment for Thyrocare tests for my wife and myself just after a month since I enrolled for vHealth membership. Once the test results were out, vHealth’s customer service professionals got us in touch with some of the best OPD doctors. We are currently availing our treatment at Nanavati Hospital absolutely for free and we are taken aback at the level of medical care we are getting here. Also, vHealth's customer service is impeccable and I am proud to be a member of the vHealth family.

Taking this membership has been a wise decision for me and my family and I encourage others to become a member to enjoy hassle-free medical services. Good job.

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