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vHealth helped me bring my confidence back and guided me to fight my prolonged anxiety issues.

Shared by: Nimita Gerewal | Mumbai | vHealth membership

For most of my life, I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. I was overwhelmed with the sinking feeling in my stomach that it started affecting my work and personal relationships. I was always afraid of embarrassing myself in my workplace which led me to distance myself from people. I was hesitant in seeking counseling in person to overcome my problems and then I came across vHealth doctor consultation service who also offer psychologist consultation over phone or video. Then I decided to take the support from vHealth to help me understand and eliminate these feelings.

After a detailed teleconsultation session, vHealth psychologist planned a strategy and advised different relaxation techniques to tackle my anxiety issue. Over subsequent sessions, I opened up to the doctor about my childhood experiences which later was identified as the root cause of my anxiousness. With the help of cognitive behavior therapy, I developed a better understanding of my feelings. I was able to calm myself down and manage my feelings when anxiety struck. Few sessions were focused on practicing forgiveness and catharsis which helped me in accepting my past experiences.

Today, I am grateful to vHealth psychologist for the guidance and confidence she has brought in me. After the teleconsultation sessions, the episodes have decreased drastically. It’s only because of vHealth that I have developed a level of confidence to deal with any situation in a well-handled manner.

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