Tips to avoid back pain for people with desk jobs

Health researchers suggest that if you have a desk job, you are more susceptible to experience back pain. This is mainly due to improper posture, poor ergonomics or prolonged physical inactivity. Back pain is also one of the most common problems amongst desk job workers and when coupled with stress, it can become seriously hazardous to your daily routine.


In fact, in a recent scientific study, it was pointed out that “sitting is the new smoking at the workplace”, implying that your desk job could be your worst enemy if caution isn’t practiced in good time.


Below are some easy techniques that you can follow to avoid back pain, especially if you have a regular desk job.

  1. Proper chair support

Given that you spend most of your time in a day sitting on the chair, it is important that you ensure that it properly supports your back and enables you to sit upright. The length of your back should reach the back of your chair and there should not be any gap. Also, adjust the chair according to your height. You can even use a lumbar pillow to make it more comfortable.


  1. Regular back exercise

It is important to take out time at least three to four times a week to avoid back pain. There are some exercises which can even be done while sitting in your office chair. For instance, you can rock your pelvis back and forth while seated in your desk chair, tilting your hips up and rounding your back, and then tilting your hips back. This will break the physical inactivity and substantially reduce the chances of back pain.


  1. Maintain proper posture

Ideally, your monitor should be at your eye level and back should be straight at all times. You should place your feet flat on the floor and your head in a neutral position with the ears directly above your shoulders. The trick is to keep your weight distributed through your sit bones, located on the lower portions of your hips.


  1. Take breaks at regular intervals

Despite all the work pressure and deadlines, you need to tell yourself that your productivity will only go down if you continue to tax your body. Hence, it is important to take regular breaks and walk around. A good idea is to set reminders in your phone to ensure that you are not sitting for too long and there is a change of position.


  1. Limit your phone usage

The chances of back pain not just increase with sitting on your desk, but also while you are browsing through your phone. Typically, while using your phone, you tend to lower your neck, which further strengthens your muscles and may cause back pain or even joint injuries. Hence, prefer responding to emails, messages etc. through your desktop, rather than a mobile phone when you are at work.

January 09, 2019

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