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At vHealth we are committed to helping you on your path to better health. From understanding your medical history, to patiently listening to all your health concerns, our doctors spend quality time to provide the care suitable for you. With a proactive approach towards providing periodic health check-ups, dietary advice and guidance to follow your treatment, we ensure there is expert support at every stage to help you lead a healthy life, and achieve your lifestyle & health goals.

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Partnering in your health management

Our doctors focus on understanding your health status, medical history, and lifestyle. Basis the health insights, and your ifestyle & health goals, the doctors at vHealth arrive at a treatment that works best for you. It is followed by the dietician consultation, who understands your requirement and provides a suitable diet & fitness plan.

Monitoring your treatment progress

The important aspect of your vHealth sugar membership is to monitor the treatment progress periodically. The critical indicators are monitored through quarterly blood tests. While the test results will be a motivation for you to follow the doctor's advice, it will also help our doctors to arrive at your future treatment plan.

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