Who we are ?
A leader in global healthcare sector.

Aetna is one of the leading diversified health care benefits companies in the U.S., serving an estimated 46.7 million people with information and resources to help them make better-informed decisions about their health care. With 160 years of experience, Aetna also offers customized technological and health management solutions for healthcare systems, government entities and large employers to improve public health, enhance the quality of care and contain costs.

vHealth by Aetna delivers primary care services by joining all the dots to provide its customers accessible and quality outpatient services. With the focus on clinical excellence, digital technology and wide network of healthcare partners, vHealth by Aetna service provides telephone/video consultations and coordinate the delivery of care to people’s homes (blood tests, medicines, home health care) with its health partner network spread across 38cities. vHealth service is offered in India by Aetna’s fully owned subsidiary, Indian Health Organisation Pvt. Ltd.

Why Choose Us?
Helping build a stronger,
healthier community.

Your choice of putting your faith in vHealth by Aetna means we strive to provide you only with the best, always. With quality and accessible primary care services, vHealth by Aetna enable individuals and families to access in-house doctors who understand their health better, thereby providing them great peace of mind.

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